Fall Lip Care

I wrote the following blog for Free Range Skincare in November of 2016 while serving as the public relations and event coordinator at Rebecca Adele PR & Events.

While the snow is beautiful and the season is full of fun festivities, the upcoming winter air can be extremely hard on your lips and skin. In addition to not being cosmetically pleasing, dry lips can be super painful! Ever tried to eat something salty when you had a lip split? Ouch!

The air is drier in the winter, which definitely has some benefits (no more humidity or frizzy hair!), but that dry air can be damaging to other parts of your body, especially your lips!

Compared to the rest of your skin, your lips have far fewer oils to help keep them moist, so they’re even more prone to getting dry and chapped in the winter. As tempting as it may be, licking your lips, while providing temporary relief, only makes the problem worse!

Our lip care kit moisturizes and gently exfoliates your lips and comes in three delicious flavors: cherry, watermelon, and coffee! Our cherry and watermelon lip kits add a little color with tints, while the coffee flavor has no color.

The lip care kits feature a combination of three vital elements, sugar, Vitamin E, and beeswax, that will keep your lips soft, smooth, and protected from the harsh winter elements!

Sugar is commonly used in many scrubs and exfoliating products as it has the ability to draw in moisture and has acidic properties that make skin look younger. Especially for products used on sensitive areas like the lips, sugar is a better exfoliant than salt, as sugar granules are easier on skin and provide more moisture.

Beeswax protects delicate skin from the elements by sealing in moisture and creating a barrier that protects lips from drying elements. The combination of these ingredients results in a lip care kit that will not only heal chapped lips but also protect them!

Find the original post on Free Range Skincare’s blog


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