Next Big Thing in Medicine? At Home Medical Screening on the Rise

“What could possibly be wrong with me?” you ask yourself, as you suffer an episode of blurry vision, extreme fatigue, and unquenchable thirst. These episodes are becoming more and more frequent, and you begin to worry that you may be suffering from a serious illness.

Like everyone does in this day and age, you go on the Internet and input your symptoms. Diabetes comes up as a possible diagnosis. You start to panic. You wonder if you should go to the doctor and what kind of testing might be required. In addition to worrying about whether you have diabetes, you worry about finding the time to go to the doctor and paying for the numerous tests you’ll likely require.

You start stressing about the entire process. The doctor’s visit, the testing, the cost, the waiting for results, and the follow up appointments. You think to yourself, “there has to be a better way.”

On the cusp of a revolution in alternative medicine, Dr. Dereck Kara, creator and owner of, offers at-home blood testing kits that test for various things such as vitamin D, omega-3, and hemoglobin levels.

These at-home test kits are easy to use, inexpensive, and are as accurate as the testing done at doctor’s offices. The kits are accessible, require a very small amount of blood, and the results are reliable and fast.

Dr. Kara, a trained M.D. in internal medicine who trained at the Cleveland Clinic, has focused on providing his patients with alternatives to conventional medicine for the past 20 years.

“Many advancements have been made in medical technology regarding testing and diagnosis, but aren’t being shared directly with the medical consumer,” Dr. Kara explained. was designed to offer patients reliable information they could use to take back control of their health and well-being. The site quickly identifies the user’s health concerns and provides relevant information in a simple, easy to read format. Additionally, the site provides related articles, and information about relevant take-home testing kits. is designed to provide medical consumers with the ability to easily evaluate their risk for preventable diseases from the comfort of their own home, and then provide the necessary resources needed to build an all-natural regimen to reduce that risk,” Dr. Kara said.

Heavily involved as a consultant to corporations looking to include complimentary and alternative medicine protocols into their healthcare systems in a way that is accessible yet cost effective, Dr. Kara has developed nationally implemented protocols that are becoming industry standards. With his unique perspective on integrated health and its delivery, Dr. Kara empowers others with a scope of medicine that is rare yet rewarding.

For more information on Dr. Kara and please contact Becki Silverstein at Photography and/or interviews are available upon request.

I wrote the following press release for Dr. Kara’s VirtualMediClinic during April 2016 as an intern at Rebecca Adele PR & Events. The purpose of this press release was to promote Dr. Kara’s unique, at-home blood testing kits. As a result of the press release, Dr. Kara was featured in several prominent publications, including Crain’s Cleveland Business. 


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